Friday, November 29, 2013

Mighty Legs for Super Strength-- Guest Post by Benjamin Bergman

Benjamin Bergman is one strong dude, and a fantastic resource for strength-related subjects.  Enjoy this post he guest-blogged for me today! 

Mighty Legs For Super Strength
by Benjamin Bergman
In sports, if you want to score a touchdown you run with the ball, in basketball you jump to make a shot, in baseball you sprint the bases to steal or score a run, in soccer, you’re whole strategy starts with the legs. Without great leg training you won’t get far in most sports and you need those quick, agile and mighty oak thoroughbred legs to keep yourself in the game. A lot of injuries occur within the legs; torn muscles, ripped tendons, broken bones and other injuries so it’s important to not only keep your legs crazy strong but also durable and healthy.

I’ve seen this many times when I was a weightlifter and I still see it in other areas as well and that’s people don’t put in the effort to put on lean muscle mass in the legs. Some have great upper bodies but have flamingo legs. One of the key ingredients to successful muscle, tendon and conditioning building is squatting. I use to not like squats very much because I only knew a few variations and I’d be bored doing them, now I have learned more than a number of variations and it helps me be creative. Whether you’re a lifter or bodyweight enthusiast, the squat is a top category for powerful and enduring legs. Have the squat work for you and o variations that are suitable to your goals and you’ll find how powerful your strength becomes just by adding the Squat.

I’m not knocking anybody but I personally believe cardio training with those machines are way overrated and don’t have great value. I just don’t see the point of driving somewhere to go walking or running and if you’re walking to the gym to go on a cardio machine to run or walk, don’t you find it a little redundant? To get the best out of your cardio from my experiences and learning from other guys, high volume intense training is a great option. You can do high rep squats, sprints, holding a horsestance or wall chair and these methods alone can give you all the cardio you need. Got stuff to carry; put some rocks or sand in a bag and see how long you last carrying it, animal exercises such as duck walks, frog jumps, jumping like a kangaroo or rabbit are great exercises and will get you breathing hard fast.

When you build efficient training with basic leg exercises a lot of things come into play and first one I’d mention is hormone levels. For men, testosterone is the pinnacle for our body’s system and as we age our hormones begin to sink faster than what is told of us, to prevent this, high intense leg training can help jump start our natural growth hormone and give us new muscle to build which will burn fat, boost metabolism and build naturally strong, powerful and energetic legs. For women, one of the very things they want to have is a firm lower body with beautiful thighs and a great butt. It’s not that far of a stretch to make that happen but it takes effort and will to make that happen. When you lovely ladies do great levels of basic leg training, fat will burn off your body like a furnace, your butt will start to lift and your legs will make men’s heads turn. All these boosts can be done with sufficient leg training and not only will you have great strength and enduring legs but also lean muscle that will carry over, for men it’s those tree trunk redwood thigh legs, for women it’s that sexy, strong, confident and lean legs.

Give your legs the strength they crave and you will find significant changes in your entire body from head to toe, not to mention great amounts of energy for everyday life.

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