Thursday, July 11, 2013

Someone Give That Surgeon A Tip. (Finger update #2)

If you've been following the saga of my fingers, here is the latest update:

I had to change surgeons because my insurance would not cover the surgeon who did my original operation (do not get me started on how annoyed I am with medical insurance... they also mentioned that it is possible that they would not think that my fingertips were "medically necessary," and that it would be determined after everything was submitted.  I also recently found out about a guy whose life could be saved by a bone marrow transplant, but his insurance would neither cover it nor approve it, meaning he can't even get the operation without using his insurance.  I also heard about someone who had a stroke and was promptly dropped by her insurance... the list goes on.  This makes me really, really, really angry, and I do not understand how these people can sleep at night.)

Fortunately, the surgeon I found turned out to be awesome, so it all worked out.  I went in for my skin graft yesterday.  Everything went very smoothly, and as it turned out, I did not need a skin graft after all-- they were able to stitch my fingertips closed!  So that was very good news. Also, one of the surgeons turned out to be a metalhead, and is coming to my Iron Maiden tribute band's debut show next week.  :)

Hurray for no skin graft!

In the mean time, I've been training however I can train, and I've even hit some PR's. 

I pulled a van:

I hit a bench press PR at 110lbs without using my two injured fingers:

And I hit a new squat PR at 185lbs, too:

So, all in all, I'm extremely lucky, and I'm making progress despite my setback.  While I would really like to be at Powerlifting Nationals right now (it takes place this weekend), it's just a competition.  There will be more.  As I've said before, if my biggest problem is that my fingers are a little shorter and I can't deadlift for a while, I'm doing OK.


  1. You are crazy in the BEST possible way! Hurray for finger stitches and happy healing!!!

  2. Tried one-handed deadlifts? It's more grip work, but still something.

    1. I have done, but there are other exercises I find more useful (Good Mornings, for instance).

    2. Ah! GMs do make a lot more sense.

  3. I've worked in health care for the last 25 years......don't even get me started on what I've seen with insurance!
    So happy the fingers are healing and you're pulling off some awesome PR's! I'm happy to be released from my post-surgery restrictions and free to do whatever!

  4. Show us a pic of your fingers!