Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Well, it's that time again.  Every year, I make some goals to complete within the next year, and as New Year's is fast approaching, it's time I got that done.

Let's have a look at how my goals for 2012 went:

 -Press that darn 24kg.

DONE!  It was not the prettiest press, but it was a press nonetheless, and it was SO EXCITING!!!

-Deadlift 250lb minimum.

DONE!!  And just in the nick of time, too-- I hit this one just one week ago!

-20kg pullup.

DONE!  This video is not a 100% complete pullup, as I didn't get my throat quite to the bar, but I have done a full rep many times since this video was taken with a 20kg bell hanging on a belt.  It's not 100% consistent yet, but I hit it most of the time I try it.  I'm definitely better with a neutral grip on this one.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the full pullup on video yet.  I'll get on that.

-Finish and publish my cookbook and my other book!

I have been slacking horribly in this department, but I promise there is a good reason.  There is a big, big thing I will be unveiling coming up very soon.  It has been something I have been wanting to do for a very long time, but didn't have the right partnership to make it happen yet.  Now I do, and it's coming!!!  So stay tuned!!!  Getting the books done is going on my goals list for 2013.

-Easily bend the Iron Mind white nail (or better!)
-Scroll the 3/8" x 3/4" x 30" (or better!) bar
-Tear a stack of at least 25 high-quality playing cards in half
-Consistently tear at least 500 pages of phone book
-Roll a frying pan

All of the above, to be honest, I didn't train much this year (and I have not attempted the frying pan at all).  I was working hard on my other strength goals, which meant my strongman goals fell to the wayside for the time being.  Oddly enough, though, I hit another goal I had for several years in a row that I left off 2012's list this time around:  I hit my first unsupported handstand!!  

I had not been training it very hard (although I had been training it), but it just stuck!  Not for very long, but it stuck!  So it's something I'll keep working on.  I also hit some other pretty exciting hand balancing feats this year:

So that was all very exciting!

My goals for 2013:

-275lb DL minimum
-Make the 24kg press look better
-28kg press
-175lb back squat
-125lb bench press
-Enter first powerlifting competition
-Launch new surprise and accompanying media
-Get cookbook and other book completed

Also, not strength related per se, but next year is a Big Birthday Year for me, so I plan to do a Major Thing of Awesome that I've never done before every month of the year, and I am planning to take a big trip to Greece, Macedonia, and Turkey, too.  :) 

I am also making a firm vow to get more sleep every night.  I have not slept enough for quite a while, and it is really catching up with me.  As much as I preach the importance of getting enough sleep, I need to follow my own advice and make that happen in my own life.  So I will be setting a firm bedtime, and I will also be trying to take a bit more time in my week to relax and spend time with loved ones (and just with myself, too) to get more balance in my life. 

So those are my plans for 2013.  What are yours?  Post 'em here! 

No matter what, let's make 2013 the best year yet (but not the best of those yet to come-- every year should be better than the last!).  I know 2013 will be full of beautiful things, and I am excited for it!

Happy new year to all of you!!


  1. Awesome!!! I'm working on my 2013 goals now. You have inspired me - as you always do. xoxoxo

  2. Aw, thank you, Karen!!! <3 <3 <3