Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stuff I Eat, Volume 3

Several people requested that I continue doing these kinds of posts, as they found them useful, so here is another one.

6:00AM.  Tea with one packet of stevia at work.
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1:30PM:  Broccoli and cauliflower, roasted in the oven with some coconut oil and finished with a dash of habanero salt.  Portobello mushrooms, also roasted in the oven with some coconut oil and finished with a dash of Szechuan pepper salt.  One medium-sized avocado with Benson's Zesty seasoning.  Two Pink Lady apples.  All organic.  Plus my usual supplements with water.

4:00PM: Approx. 3 mile walk with Her Royal Dogness.

6:30PM:  200 double 20kg kettlebell swings between clients.

8:30PM:  Homemade black lentil soup (black lentils, celery, garlic, onion, carrots, crushed tomatoes, veggie broth, seitan, all organic) made in the pressure cooker.  I had two bowls.  :)

Hope this helps... more to come!  :)


  1. Melody-
    The roasted avocado looks really good. Can you please let me know how to make those? What temp, how long to cook, what seasoning tastes good on it, etc....


  2. It's just a raw avocado, not roasted. Just sliced in half. I put Benson's Zesty on it, but they're great alone or with a squeeze of lime and some dill or Italian seasoning.

  3. Thanks, that at first glance looked roasted.