Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stuff I Eat

One of the things I recommend to my clients is that before they eat or drink anything, they take a picture of it and email it to me.  It does a few things:  1)  keeps them honest about what and how much they are really eating, and 2)  makes them think about what they're eating.

So today, I've decided to do the same thing for you.  :)  Today, all day, I'll log what I eat.  Let's see how I do!

TUESDAY, JAN. 24, 2012

5:30AM:  Took a big mug of tea (plus one packet of stevia) to work with me.  I do this every morning.  Most of the time, I remember to actually bring the mug with me when I leave.  :-/

10:30AM:  Protein shake and supplements.  One scoop of the Sunwarrior, one scoop of the Cafeceps, a serving of Creatine, and a serving of Beta Alanine, plus warm water and a generous splash of unsweetened almond milk.

I am currently taking the following supplements (the regimen changes from time to time as I experiment with new items; I know I take a lot, but it doesn't bother me, and they all do my body good): 

The one on the bottom middle is a food-based multivitamin:  http://www.iherb.com/Rainbow-Light-Just-Once-Women-s-One-Food-Based-Multivitamin-90-Tablets/1797/?at=1&p=1&sr=1&fr=1

12:00PM:  Did this!  

plus some heavy press practice... working on that 24kg...

1:00PM:  One avocado with Zesty seasoning.  Big plate of butternut squash baked with coconut oil and topped with paprika, garlic, and smoked serrano salt.   Big plate of organic broccoli, baby carrots, cauliflower, baked with coconut oil and topped with Table Tasty seasoning.  One small carton of organic raspberries.  More tea with one packet of stevia.

5:00PM:  Evening training:  15 minutes/5 rounds of:  2 12kg pullups, 5 bodyweight pistols per leg, 3 double 16kg overhead presses.

8:30PM:  Tonight I made gumbo.  First, I made a roux in the pressure cooker with about 3 tbsp. coconut oil and about 1/4 cup of sprouted flour.  Then I added all this stuff:

plus organic okra, and threw in a whole bunch of chard at the end.  It looks like this:

I had one bowl.  'Twas yummy. 

So that's my food for today.  Was this helpful?  If so, I'll do this again.

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