Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deep Thoughts By Melody Schoenfeld

I believe that ibuprofen is not a solution for anything.

I believe that foam rollers have their place.

I believe that massage therapy has its place.

I believe that chiropractic has its place.

I believe that Eastern medicine has its place.

I believe that Western medicine has its place.

I believe that the body has the power to heal itself.

I believe that sometimes it needs a little help.

I believe that kettlebells, macebells, dumbbells, barbells, Indian clubs, medicine balls, sandbags, waterbags, Atlas stones, grippers, etc. are all awesome tools, but that they are just tools.

I believe that there is such thing as a healthy vegan, and I believe that I am very solid proof of that.

I do not believe that veganism (or any other eating plan) is for everyone.

I believe in the power of whole, fresh, organic foods.

I believe that food is medicine.

I believe that there is no such thing as too much education.

I believe that ideally, what you do when you train should make you better at whatever it is you want to get better at.

I believe in lifting heavy weights.  Especially for women.

I believe that you can get extremely strong using your bodyweight alone.

I believe that training should make you move better, feel better, and get stronger.

I believe that sometimes it's just fine to train however you want, just because you enjoy training that way (as long as it doesn't hurt/make you worse).  

I believe that the human body has a million secrets that we have yet to discover, and that no one has all the answers.

I believe that anyone who tells you that their way is the only way is someone you should stay far, far away from.

I believe if it works for you, you should do it.

I believe life is too short for pettiness and absolutes.

What do you believe?


  1. ya wat a nice post. Beautiful theory about life. And no fitness equipment can do wonders for you. Only you are responsible for it.