Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who's Your Saboteur?

I've been in this business for a long time, and in that time I've noticed that certain things tend to be people's undoing when it comes to healthy lifestyles.  Here's a few, and some ideas on how to turn this all around:

1)  Your kids.  "One for you, one for me... two for you, two for me..."  Yep, admit it.  You feed your kids, then snack on what they're eating.  And I can't even begin to tell you how many people have told me, "I don't buy the sweets/chips/junk for myself-- it's for my kids!"


Guess what-- if you're the one buying the food, you're the one who determines what your kids eat.  The earlier you give them a taste for healthy eating, the more likely they are to stick with it.  One of my clients has been heeding my advice with her two young sons.  On a recent vacation to the beach (which used to be an event that centered around gorging on junk), she laid out fruit and veggies to snack on, and her kids ate it up.  Here's some ideas for kid-friendly snacks:

-"Fudgsicles:"  Get some unsweetened chocolate almond milk and mix in some stevia or erythritol to taste.  Freeze in popsicle molds or ice cube trays (cover tightly with plastic wrap and stick in some popsicle sticks), and enjoy.  In a similar vein, you can blend together any fruit you like with unsweetened almond milk and do something similar.

-Frozen blueberries and frozen grapes.  I swear up and down that frozen blueberries was my favorite snack on the planet when I was a kid.  I liked them even more than candy.  And I loooooved candy.  You can also take a banana, peel it, coat it in some *very low sugar* or sugar-free (sweetened with erythritol or stevia or similar) dark chocolate, dip it in some crushed nuts like walnuts, and freeze that.

-Dried fruit and nuts mixed together.

-Make mini-pizzas from sprouted pita bread (Ezekiel makes a great one), no-sugar-added spaghetti sauce, a little bit of cheese (or your favorite non-dairy cheez-- I love Daiya), and all the veggies you want.

-Make sandwiches with sprouted grain bread and almond butter (and maybe a little pure fruit spread on top).  Cut them into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

2)  Your friends and family.  People often claim that their healthy eating plan is spot-on-- except for when they go out with their friends, or during family events.  I had one client who had a "dessert friend"-- every time they got together, they'd go out to eat and always get dessert.

Just another bite?

What seems to work best in these situations is to let your friends and family know what you are trying to achieve, and ask for their support.  Ideally, they will respect your wishes and not force their eating habits on you.  Who knows-- you might even inspire them to eat better.  If they simply cannot respect what you are trying to do, you need to either find new friends (obviously, your family is harder to replace, so you might have to keep them...  :) ), arrange non-food-related activities with them (perhaps turn your "dessert friend" into a "hiking friend!")  , or simply stand firm in your decision to eat healthier and decline the foods you know you shouldn't be eating in favor of the healthier choices. 

3)  Your job.  I have a lot of clients who simply cannot resist the candy jar/donut box/cupcakes/etc. that always seem to by lying around at work.

Don't fall for it!!

I feel your pain-- I know how hard it can be to resist these things.  If this is you, my suggestion would be to keep ready-to-eat, healthy snacks around (raw almonds, baby carrots, sprouted bread and almond butter, etc) and munch on those whenever the urge to grab something else strikes you.  Or just take a walk, if possible, when the cravings hit.  But say no.  It helps, also, to let your co-workers know that you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  Hopefully they will get the picture and try to help you out in your endeavors by keeping the crap at bay.

What about you?  Who's been sabotaging your healthy lifestyle, and how are you going to stop it (or how have you stopped it already)?  Post it here!


  1. I hate to admit it, but I'm doing all my own sabotaging these days, weeks and even months now. I'm on such a roller coaster of emotions that it's amazing what's happening to my body. I originally lost 117lbs since 2007. In the last year I've put some back...I know I should say it out loud, the actual number that is, but hey...it's my comment, my rules! Anyhoo....that's gotten me somewhat depressed which has led to then a "piss on it" attitude which makes me eat, which makes me put on another pound or so, which leads me back to square one. Are you seeing a pattern here??!!! Yeah, I'm seeing it to. I'm "actively" in menopause right now and the "middle" body weight has creeped up on me light barnacles to the bottom of a boat.....
    How am I going to stop it you ask??? That's one hell of a great question right now! I do know that I need to figure that out real quick.
    I have to keep my cool, take a deep look into the mirror-through my eyes-into my soul and ask this: WTF?!
    This was a great post, I need to face things and this made me face it just a little more-thanks!

  2. The most important thing is that you've recognized the problem. That makes it just that much easier to solve. And I have no doubt you'll be back on track in no time. :)