Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What my Vegan, Grain-Inclusive, Soy-Inclusive Diet Is Doing For Me

My dad had his first heart attack at age 33 (and that was just his first one). My grandfather on my mom's side had heart disease, and my grandfather on my dad's side died of complications from diabetes. My mother has high blood pressure, and my grandmother did, too. There is a lot of hereditary disease in my family, and I even had high cholesterol markers in the past.

I just got my blood panels back, and here are the results:

CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 160 mg/dL Normal (should be under 200)
HDL CHOLESTEROL 66 mg/dL Normal (should be greater than 46)
TRIGLYCERIDES 64 mg/dL Normal (should be under 150)
LDL-CHOLESTEROL 81 mg/dL (calc) Normal should be under 130)
CHOL/HDLC RATIO 2.4 (calc) Normal (should be under 5.0)
LDL/HDL RATIO 1.2 (low risk of heart disease is 2.34; mine is well below the low risk marker)
C-Reactive Protein (a marker of heart disease/inflammation): 2 (normal)

Just some "food" for thought... :)

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