Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Having Trouble Staying Motivated?

Ask yourself this:

Why did you decide to start getting healthier in the first place? Were you unhappy with the way you look in the mirror? A bad doctor's visit? A close call with a health emergency? Did you want to get better at something? Were you hoping to run your first marathon? Was it to set a good example for your kids? Whatever the reason, use it to keep yourself motivated long after the initial momentum has worn off. Take a picture of your "before" self, that bad doctor's report, a paper with your reason written on it... whatever works for you, and post it in several places. Put it on the fridge. Put it on the bathroom mirror. Put it on the door that leads out of your place. Put it in your car where you can see it every time you get in. You'll keep reminding yourself of your reasons, and this will help keep you on track.

Let me know how it goes!

Comments? Questions? Wanna post your reasons here? Go for it!!

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