Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Great Fat Debate

The norm for decades in this country has been attempted weight loss and health gains by cutting dietary fat. The problem is, this technique hasn't exactly been successful. In well over 50 years, cutting dietary fat has not helped turn around the obesity, and research has proven this ( for instance: ; ). 
Puffball's gotten into the donuts again...

When you cut out fat, a few things happen. First, you don't absorb fat-soluable vitamins (A, D, E, K), which are vital to your health. Your hair will fall out, your nails will become brittle, you'll experience changes in your skin, mood, and thought processes, and healing ability. Needless to say, you won't be the picture of vibrant health.

Not only that, but when you cut out fat, the tendency is to replace it with lots and lots of carbohydrates, and often not the right kind of carbohydrates, either-- "low-fat" foods tend to be high in sugars and starchy carbs, which are pretty awful for your health, too.

Fat keeps you satiated so you don't eat as much, and the right fats will help keep your bad cholesterol (LDL) down and your good cholesterol (HDL) up.

No, this doesn't give you free license to dig into those fries. While it's not the fat that's the problem, per se, the type of fat that you're eating is the most important factor.

-corn oil
-soybean oil
-animal fats/lard
-deep-fried foods
-solid fats

Stick with:
-nuts/nut oils
-seeds/seed oils
-olives/olive oil
-coconut/coconut oil
-if you eat fish, then fish oil

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