Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Workout :)

Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, this was a fun little workout I gave some of my clients in the spirit of the season.  :)  Thanks to my comrade Dave Clancy for the idea.  Enjoy!

Do the following just like the song; i.e. (1 burpee; 2 one arm presses and one burpee; 3 jump squats, 2 one arm presses, 1 burpee...).

On the first day of Christmas, my trainer gave to me...

1 little burpee
2 one arm presses
3 jump squats
4 forward lunges
5 golden swings
6 suitcase deadlifts
7 pushups
8 goblet squats
9 lovely sprawls
10 crab walks
11 mountain climbers
12 sit up stand up

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